Workout set 9th January 2014

Each day i work out I follow a plan that my workmate has created. I just adjust the weights to what I can lift. He has programs for either leg, abs, chest and shoulder or arms. Today was chest and shoulder.
Still on the German volume training, which is rest after set 5, without any tests in between. Trying to get up to 10 sets proved to be a struggle so in many of the workout sets I ended up dropping the weights or modifying the workout.

Set 1:
10 x barbell row (20kg total)
10 x dumbell chest press (5kg each hand)

Set 2:
10 x dumbell chest fly (3.5kg each hand)
10 x body weight row or pull up if you can manage.

I struggled with the exercise today and found it is more that my forearms did not have any strength and hence I couldn’t stabilize the dumbells to exercise the chest. I guess I will just have to workout and hope my forearms become stronger too.



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