Workout set 7th January 2014

Writing 2014 in my workout set is now becoming a bit ordinary. It felt so different and refreshing just a post ago and now it’s been a week into 2014.
I think my workmate must be into the “German Volume Training” for 2014. He had the special sets ready for today too. Apparently it is good for the lean and mean muscle toning that I want instead of bulk and hulkas I put it.
Today we were focusing on the abs and it was painful.

Again, 10 repetitions of each set, with only a break after 5 reps.

Set 1:
10 x weighted situp (5kg – 2.5kg)
10 x standing oblique bend on each side (10kg kettlebell in one hand)

Set 2:
10 x Russian twists (7kg medicine ball)
10 x hanging knee lift

The Russian twists were modified as we didn’t have a balance ball, so I just sat on some folded mats with my legs in the air(i.e. like a jack knife) and holding the medicine ball, twisted my upper body from side to side. Make sure you dont strain your back when doing this as with any exercise.

I am very bad with sit ups so I couldn’t manage to get to the 5 sets of 10 before a break. My friend mentioned dropping the weight instead of taking a break is better, so I ended up doing about 6 situps with 5 kg, 2 with 2.5kg and 2 without weights.

After the weight workout jumped on the treadmill and did:
3:00 – incline 12/ speed 8
5:00 – incline 0/ speed 10.5

I did want to go longer with the higher incline but my legs were giving up immediately and hence I needed to drop the inclined down. By the end of this workout I was dropping sweat like a pig and including stretches(which was extensive today) it took about 60 minutes.

Another day of exercise and over indulging dinner…. *sigh*



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