Workout set 6th January 2014

A workout in response to the great festive season break should be something easy? Or not.. today was a first time for doing shorter sets and more repeats. I think it was derived from a form of German training regime so it’s a little different from my usual workout sets.
These should ideally go to 10 repetitions for each set with a break after set 5. However, as this was just easing back into the workout regime again for 2014 I chose to do 6 sets with a break after 4 sets.

(generally) 10 sets of (with a break after set #5)

Set 1:
10 x dead lift (20kg bar)
10 x kettle bell squats (8kg each hand)

Set 2:
10 x Tuck jump – jump high and tuck knee to chest
10 x calf raise (10kg each hand)

As there was minimal resting between each repitition of sets the workout only took about 30-40 minutes but with 10 repitions of each set amounting to 100 repititions of each workout….. it may take longer.

After theweight workout jumped on the treadmill set at 11 speed for about 6 minutes and I was too puffed up to run further. Maybe I should work on my cardio fitness level for 2014.

And then the greatness of stretch is always waiting! I have become addicted to the stretching session now and i love that feeling of the brink of pain and releif. Am I going a bit psycho?



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