The Dumpling Table

It was a late night at work and a couple of friends and I were craving dumplings. Being the one Asian in my group of workmates, I was quite happy to join in the dumpling or cheap Asian eats cravings and decided we’ll do an impromptu dine out after work.

We don’t work in the CBD, and with the new parking restrictions find it less and less appealing to go out to the city for anything. After going through the usual suspects of restaurants, we were devastated to find that for some reason so many places were still closed from the Christmas and New Years break. After a lot of ‘urbanspooning’ we finally found a place that was open and not in the CBD.

The Dumpling Table was a surprise find, and many thanks to other users of urbanspoon for giving us a good choice. It’s located on toorak road in South Yarra, which has a plethora of good food places. However, quick, cheap Asian food was our theme tonight and the dumpling table hit the mark on all the criterion.

Entry and interior of the restaurant
Entry and interior of the restaurant

Having had our dumpling cravings we decided we’ll go dumplings all the way and ordered the steamed pork dumplings ($8.80), pork dumplings in chilli oil soup ($8.80) and fried chicken and prawn dumplings ($9.90).

Dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings
Dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings

The dumplings were tasty and kicked the spot for our cravings, and the quantity for the $$ amount is always a nice feeling. If I were to be picky, my Asian genes could say the dumpling skins were a bit on the thick side, and the fried dumplings weren’t the best I’ve had, but all in all, for a place that was open for us when we needed it, I’d say it was a definite win.

Soft drinks costs $3 per can, which I thought was a bit expensive, but for our meal we paid under $35 for 3 people, and headed out with a full stomach. I always tend to observe what other people order when at a restaurant and there were many who were ordering the fried or steamed dumplings, and a fried noodle or rice dish to share with their +1s. I think I might try that next time too.

Dumpling Table on Urbanspoon


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