Izakaya Jiro

Japanese food seems to be the flavour of the month as I end up visiting Japanese restaurants when I meet up with friends. Today I ventured into a not so often visited territory of Hawthorn to visit Izakaya Jiro.

I went there as my friend mentioned our high school friend was the manager. Fancy that! I love it when I catch up with random high school friends I haven’t caught up with. Everyone ends up so different to each other! Anyway, putting my friend hat aside…

The place is not difficult to find being at the northern end of glenferrie road Near barkers road. Quite bustling during the lunch hour I visited. The interior is neat and tidy with enough space to make you feel comfortable and homey but not squishy.


The food is quite neat and nice, as you’d want Japanese food to be. The chef is the owner and is Japanese, which probably shows in the food itself. At lunch time you can get the Teishoku, which is a small set menu with miso soup and salad as well as rice.


We ordered the agedashi tofu and okonomiyaki as starters as we wanted a taste of the small eats, and had a teishoku each. The teriyaki beef was nice and tender, while not overpowered by the sauce. The grilled swordfish was quite nice, with enough firm texture and also not totally dry and flaky.
The starters definitely had the right kick as both my friend and I couldn’t stop eating.

Price is average ranging $10-$20 for lunch, but at dinner you can also get the barbecue meat.
Without being biased as a friend, I do have to say this is one of the better Japanese restaurants in Melbourne that I have been to, without having to break my back to pay for it.

Lunch is open from 12-3 and dinner from 6 to 10:30pm. Highly recommended.


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3 thoughts on “Izakaya Jiro

  1. John Higgins

    Sorry to disappoint you but the Chef/Owner is NOT Japanese. He goes by the Japanese name of Jiro. I spoke to him in Japanese and admitted he wasn’t and didn’t speak it.
    The front of house manager is half Japanese but grew up here and doesn’t speak it either.
    Food’s not bad, an average Izakaya.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that John! Have heard so many different opinions about Japanese restaurants. I guess we just crave for something authentic, but then again, in Melbourne, everything is Melbournized anyway. On the other hand, did you have any places you’d recommend? I’m getting sick of following the urbanspoon trail.

  2. John Higgins

    Hello Lubullu, apologies! I only just read your blog for the first time since commenting to you so didn’t realise you’d answered me.
    Some excellent authentic Japanese restaurants in Melbourne that I like and don’t cost the earth are:
    Aka Siro on the corner if Cambridge and Peel Sts in Collingwood. The chef/owner Masa san and his staff are from Osaka. Great place for Sunday lunch. Most of the dishes are Teishoku which means they automatically come with rice and miso. Prices are amazing, the home made lemonade is sensational.
    I also like Maedaya on Bridge Rd. Again not expensive and the Owner Toshie is a genuine Sake Master (7 years training in Japan to get that diploma!). He and his manager are from Kobe near Osaka. Good food done at affordable prices but I’m not blown out by the sashimi. They should stick to true Izakaya dishes which they’re very good at.
    I also like Otsumami in High St Nirthcote and it’s Collingwood sister restaurant in Smith St. Peko Peko – both are good and are of good value.
    Bistro Goemon in Glenhuntly Rd Elsterwick is also good, and if you’re going on holiday towards Gippsland, the pretty town if Inverloch has an amazing authentic Japanese restaurant, with the chef/owner again coming from Osaka. I’ve forgotten the name but it’s really worth going to.
    Itedakimasu! (Bon appetite)

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