150 workout

Christmas break means I don’t get hassled by my workmate to exercise and there is way too much food everywhere. However, my friend didn’t let me go free of exercise just yet. He sent me the ‘300 exercise‘ series, which is apparently famous for being the workout which made the bodies of the actors in the movie 300. As I am not yet at the level of being able to do the 300 exercise, my friend gave me the 150 set.

I thought it was a nice day so I’d go for a bit of a jog to the local exercise equipment place… (what do you call these things?)

15 x body weight rows (lie down and pull yourself up using a bar etc.)
25 x body weight squats
15 x push ups
50 x jumping jacks
20 x mountain climbers (push up position and bring your knees to your opposite chest)
10 x close grip push up
15 x body weight row

The jog to the local exercise area was about 3 km so by the time I got there I was already hot and tired….. as I was trying the body weight rows my arms didn’t want to go through it. So i ended up only doing 10 of them, and skipping at the end.
Hopefully I can do them better as I am planning on continuing during the Christmas break.
All in all, including a 5km jog back and forth, I think i deserved that cupcake I had! 😉



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