Melbourne is lucky that it is cladded with nice restaurants. Almost anywhere you go, you will get a decent experience and quality food.
Then what makes one shine above the other? Probably the atmosphere and venue.
Yu-U is tucked away in a near impossible to find door.

Entrance to Yu-U and interior

Walking past it is very easy, the address ‘137 flinders lane‘ being the only sign to try to find the entrance. The door is nearest the corner where the address is pictured.

When you walk down the steps into the restaurant it feels like one of those Japanese restaurants that will serve some puffer fish on a naked lady. (I dont know why, probably some old movie I have seen before). The food is quite interesting with the menu choice being a selection of small dishes. The tempura is quite nice, light and crispy instead of old and soggy.

The yakitori is quite interesting and nice, and the deep fried chicken cartilage something definitely different.
The price is more on the upside, and maybe not an everyday eat. Pre theatre diners get kicked out by 7:30 but if you aren’t on that list it’s a minimum $30 per head.


Yu-U on Urbanspoon


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