La Petite Creperie

I always complain that Melbourne doesnt have enough street food. On a corner of collins street and flinders street in Melbourne, there stands a stall selling crepes! Maybe the menu is not as exotic as the creperies with a full kitchen, but for a quick bite or dessert on your way to and from home/office, i think it’s a great idea.

Street stall making/selling crepes!

Ok, so to be perfectly honest the crepes aren’t perfect. However, they are thin and crispy to a point where it feels like I am having a French crepe, not a Japanese one. The price is affordable ranging from $4.00 ~ $6.00 but the menu is very simple. Chocolate, lemon and sugar, sugar and butter, nutella, salted caramel etc.
I had the one with fig and Ginger jam, but I think it wasn’t as good as a plain chocolate one. My own seemed to taste a bit doughy and soggy. Maybe next time they will make it better, maybe i should look less touristy when going and trying these places!


La Petite Creperie on Urbanspoon


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