The Hive bakery and cafe


A Sunday morning breakfast was the only time my ex housemate and i could make for our delayed brunch date before Christmas. Christmas is such a busy time of the year we never fully get to see and enjoy the moment.
but stepping into a cafe like this, where they actually specially pre make sandwiches that are now currently off the menu for someone who just misses it, i say Bravo!

The Hive bakery and cafe is situated in south Melbourne on Park Street. It is close to the south Melbourne town hall, and the south Melbourne market. I am so going to miss my casual life once I move. Anyway, the coffee here was quite good, but nothing too special in my opinion. However the poaches eggs on the beetroot relish with goats cheese was just perfect. The specially made sausage sandwich was also as perfect as it could be from my ex housemate’s opinion. Being a bakery cafe their breads and sandwiches are quite nice and fresh. Worth a drop by as the sandwiches priced around $9, I think it’s worth the try. Maybe drop by on your way to the market so you dont shop on an empty stomach and end up shopping too much? 😉

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