Crumbed salmon fillet

Home cooked crumbed salmon

It was going to be a brunch/lunch date today but we couldn’t get a booking at the place we wanted to go. (I know Melbourne is crazy and we book for out cafe lunch dates) so I decided I will have a bit of a nice market day….

South Melbourne Market again! And while walking around saw the fresh seafood shops….
Knowing i have to watch what I eat now (reduced salt and cholesterol) I decided might as well try eating something healthy. Bought a small(regular) piece of fresh salmon fillet and bought some salad mix and small Roma tomatoes.
From my housemate’s recipe made this and it was so filling and delicious.


– Put pan on medium heat with oil
– Beat up one egg (add a little bit of salt if you want)
– Soak salmon in egg mixture
– Cover the salmon+egg fillet with bread crumbs
– Put the salmon on the pan (should hear the sizzle of the breadcrumbs)
– After about 5 minutes switch over and cover with lid.
– while salmon is cooking wash the vegies and tomatoes
– mix well: a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crushed garlic
– once salmon seems cooked (make sure thick section is cooked) mix the oil+vinegar mix with salad

Bon appetit!



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