Workout set 13th December 2013

Final day of the week to workout! Woohoot! Love Fridays!
And to celebrate Fridays, it was abdominal workout…

4 times each set:

Set 1:
– 15 x leg raise
– 10 x hanging leg raise with rotation

Set 2:
– 20 x spine rotation with barbell (12.5kg)
– 20 x standing oblique bend (12kg)

Set 3:
– 20 x situps (making sure your core is taught)
– plank until fatigue (~30 seconds for me)

After this set and feeling sick!!!! It was burn fat session again. However, as time is short I just did 5 minutes of treadmill at 12-12.5 speed. (I think the incline on the treadmill was broken)

Another long day of working out and working…. must rest for the weekend now.



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