Workout set 12th Dec 2013

Due to another friend’s request we were back on the chest and back exercises with an arm twist. 🙂

4 x sets of:

Set 1:
12 x standing military press -lifting barbell without any jerking or clinging- (12.5 kg on 2 sets 10kg on 2 sets)
20 x barbell rows (same weight as military press)

Set 2:
12 x chest press (5kg dumbell each hand)
12 x triple press – shoulder press, angled press, chest press (2.5kg dumbell each hand)

Set 3:
Tricep dips until fatigue (make sure your elbows are shoulder width when going down)
Inclined pushup (on bench) until fatigued – or advanced can do plyo pushups

Then when I mentioned i needed to fit into a dress by Christmas day, my colleague made me run on the treadmill at 12 degrees incline for approximately 10 minutes at 10.5 speed, then ramped up to sprinting speed until I couldn’t run anymore… so.. now i start to wonder whether this will really work in cutting down my fat….
I am back on my corticosteroids due to my illness so I wonder whether that helps in building more muscle? 😉



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