Workout set 6th Dec 2013

Considering I dont have much to offer when it comes to exercise and fitness I thought I’d at least post some of my daily routines whenever I get a chance.
I have the pleasure of sitting next to a friend at work who is near obsessed with fitness hence I get to be semi forced into some of his exercise routines.
So, a Friday just before the weekend, these were the sets I completed.

4 sets of (60 seconds break in between sets):

Set 1:
12 x hammer curl (4kg dumbell on each haasnd)
8x triple lift – shoulder press, 45 degree angle press, chest press (same weight)

Set 2:
As many plyo pushups as you can
As many deltoid dips (push you elbow out, not backwards like a tricep dip)

Set 3:
12 x Barbell curl (7.5kg total)
16 x Bench press (12.5kg total)

So obviously my muscle strength is very weak, but who knows… maybe i can record the increase in my strength as i continue this blog….



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