Brunch date at Hyde and Seek

Beautiful roast vegetable turkish bread foccacia

I love going out to eat and meeting up with friends is just another excuse to do that. It was surprisingly a beautiful Saturday for Melbourne. (Generally we dont get that…) so I was happy to meet up with a friend to check out a new cafe around the corner from her place.

Finding the place in Urbanspoon, Hyde and Seek is just a cute little cafe in the middle of a nice and quiet suburb. The coffee is strong and nice and food is light and tasty. Usually I find turkish bread to be quiet dense and heavy but it was quite light and fluffy here. Maybe that is not the authentic way but hey, it is nice to be able to fully enjoy the taste of the filling inside.
The only downside is the shopfront is on a hill, hence sitting outside to soak up the sun might prove to be a balancing act.

It is open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch so if you live around the area, it will be a nice place to check out. If you are thinking about travelling it does not have that many options regarding public transport I think.


Hyde n Seek on Urbanspoon


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