Gozleme @ Koy



I am blessed that I live so close to the market. Being a melbournian I love going to the south Melbourne market. It’s not too crowded and not too uptown snobby and not too hippy. It is, as you’d say, ‘just right‘.
One of the reasons I love going there is because of the Turkish restaurant called “Koy“. I love the gozleme they make on the side street in front of the restaurant. The ladies who always somehow seem to be yelling, half forcing you to buy one when your mind has already been set to eat one of these… freshly(sometimes reheated) made on the hot pan and cut and served with some feta dip. Spinach and cheese is wonderful and so is the mushroom with vegetables. Haven’t tried the meat ones which just means I’ll have to go again.
I don’t know what they put in them but every time I eat it I feel so full and happy. Maybe I should try some of the restaurant’s dishes too…. But there is so much food to try at the market!!

Currently Spring night market is on every Thursday night from 5:30pm until 19th December, but normally the market is open from 8:00-4:00 Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday. Definitely worth a visit if not for the shopping, definitely for the food… and if you happen to enjoy nuts, such a nice dried fruit and nut shop in the market too.


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