Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt


So I love stripes as I am a person of pattern and rules. But as the casual dresser I am, I am always contemplating how can I dress it up a bit more… Maybe look like a ‘fe’male???
Being an engineer and I guess a tomboy from young, I tend to dress a bit less girly. I am not a fan of pink and when I look at my wardrobe there is a full 1/3 of black and probably the second 1/3 is blue/navy. So I decided I’ll add just enough ‘pink’ in my normal wardrobe to girl it up a bit. Going through polyvor I get a lot of inspiration and I thought, mixing and matching, that might be my first baby steps of girliness. Pull a skirt on instead of jeans, a rose pink watch and heels instead of my usual sneakers… So I guess I should start learning how to experiment with matching my usual clothes with one or two things different.


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